Are you looking for the best wallpaper adhesives? Well, it’s time to make your house walls like you’ve always imagined.

A wallpaper is one of the main components in making your house look alluring. Wallpapers can really bring out the personality of your house. As an alternative to paints, using wallpapers can save a lot of costs in terms of the value they bring home. But for this, you need some of the best wallpaper adhesives out there.

While wallpaper brings the house’s personality together it also brings in warmth, depth, and style to the room. Wallpapers also have elegant designs which can promote beauty and make walls look smooth and flawless. It can also bring in tons of creative textures and graceful prints which can totally elevate the beauty of a room. All these qualities cannot be achieved while using paints.

The Best Wallpaper Adhesives

Sr. NoBest Wallpaper AdhesivesUsagePrice
1Roman 011901 PRO-555 1 gal Extreme Tack Wallpaper AdhesiveVinyl over vinyl applications.
2Gardner-Gibson 111 Non-Strippable Heavy-Duty Clay Wall Covering AdhesiveCommercial Type III vinyl, heavyweight fabric, flexible wood
3Roman 010001 PRO-732 1 gal Extra Strength Wallpaper AdhesiveMedium to heavy weight Wall coverings.
4Rust-Oleum clear Non-pasted & Pre-Pasted Wall Coverings
5Roman 011301 PRO-838 1 gal Heavy Duty Wallpaper AdhesiveCommercial weight wall coverings.

To paste a wallpaper to the wall it is important to have the perfect adhesive so you can easily apply it so it can last for many years. Also, adhesives play a very crucial role if you have to decorate while using wallpapers without wallpaper glue. It is impossible to put the pieces together and to make it stick to the wall.

We have listed the best wallpaper adhesives so if you do decide to turn your house around, you have the best tools at your disposal. Wallpaper paste will also help you in easy application of the wallpapers.

We have listed the best wallpaper adhesives below so; you can easily choose what’s best for you and your house.

1. Roman 011901 PRO-555 1 gal Extreme Tack Wallpaper Adhesive

Roman Extreme Tack Wallpaper Adhesive is one of its kind, it has a stronghold which makes it ideal for wallpaper use. It has an easy application which is one of its best qualities because you can apply it without any difficulty, there’s definitely no need to worry about its application. It is the most reliable option in the market today.

The product is specially designed for vinyl over vinyl applications, as it sticks perfectly, is highly tacky, eliminates any sort of priming, and, has low moisture.

After you have applied it, it is very easy to clean the spills and leftover glue with water. The ratings for this product are excellent. You’ll find this product in a tub of one gallon, which is a very suitable amount and can cover a very large area as one gallon covers the area of 330 square feet.

We excitingly recommend Roman Wallpaper Adhesive for vinyl wallpaper over vinyl sheeting, as it is the most versatile vinyl adhesive wallpaper.

  • Easy clean
  • Best vinyl adhesive
  • Strong adhesion
  • Can be extremely tacky
  • Can only be used for specific types of vinyl

2. Gardner-Gibson 111 Non-Strippable Heavy-Duty Clay Wall Covering Adhesive

Not sure about which wallpaper paste to use? Gardner-Gibson can be the finest of all adhesives. if you want to stick wallpaper on a clay wall there is no better option than this.

Clay walls can be a little challenging to work with, whenever the wallpaper is attached to a clay wall they mostly result in stripping off the wall but with Garden-Gibson this is not a possibility as it is very durable. It is a heavy-duty clay wall covering adhesive which is suitable for any kind of heavy and difficult to install wallpapers.

This is product has a very strong and wet tacky consistency which helps to put up all kinds of wallpapers to the wall, it can be very helpful if you are planning to put a wallpaper which has a heavy detailing to it as most of the wallpaper glue cannot do this job correctly.

It has a medium-dry adhesion to it which prevents curling joint spreading. You can find this product in a bucket of one gallon which is enough to work with, one gallon of glue will cover 330sq feet, it will surely fulfill all your needs.

The product has good reviews overall, only one of the buyers suggests that the product doesn’t work on wooden surfaces so, we don’t recommend using the product on wooden surfaces.

  • Easy to apply
  • Can easily be clean with water
  • No stripping off the wall
  • Prevents curling
  • Not ideal for wooden surfaces

3. Roman 010001 PRO-732 1 gal Extra Strength Wallpaper Adhesive

Are you planning to put up wallpaper for your bedroom wall? Sometimes it can a difficult task to find the best Wallpaper glue, without any doubt Roman wallpaper adhesive can perform all functions and can make the job a lot easier for you.

The product is one of the best adhesives in the market today, it is extremely tacky and holds the wallpaper firmly to the wall for many years, water can be mixed in to make it thin so it is easily applicable. All the good reviews are given by the users to this product in fact it is one of the most bought products on the list which also makes it one of the most dynamic wallpaper adhesive.

Using this product can make your life easy when it comes to sticking wallpaper to your wall, it can do wonders to you as it is highly adhesive, it can easily be applied with a roller and if you think it is too tacky you can add water until you feel its the right consistency. You can find this in one-gallon tubs.

You can also use it in the bathroom as it works wonders with moist areas but make sure the wall is primed before sticking the wallpaper glue.

  • Super strong
  • Works great in moist areas
  • Tacky
  • Enough quantity
  • The product is toxic
  • Fast-drying

4. Rust-Oleum – One of the Best Wallpaper Adhesives out there

Rust-Oleum clear is used for non-pasted and pre-pasted wall coverings, it is highly thick, this product will work efficiently if you have heavily textured walls. It is highly adhesive, the wallpaper paste puts everything together instantly so there’s no need to worry about its stripping.

There is one thing that you have to keep in mind that this product does not work well when used on a vinyl wall if you use it on vinyl it will after some time come off the wall resulting in a waste of money.

This product is available in 946ml (1 Quart) so, if you have a large area to work with, you may want to get another or two tubs, this is why this product can be a little expensive while it covers a relatively small area also it doesn’t spread well if used a brush that is why we recommend using a roller.

It has an exceptional slip so you can position it where ever you desire so you can have a clean product, it also has a strong tacky consistency so your wallpapers can last for a long time, you can rely on this wallpaper seam adhesive which will result in seamless smooth hanging of wallpapers.

The wallpaper glue is flawlessly coherent and is thick enough to hold the wallpaper together, it doesn’t get hardened if spilled so you can easily wipe it off.

  • Highly adhesive
  • Tacky
  • Adheres perfectly
  • Cannot be used over vinyl
  • Expensive Less quantity

5. Roman 011301 PRO-838 1 gal Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive, Clear

Wondering about what wallpaper glue to use for your next decorating wall project? Roman Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive can be the answer! This past is one of the best wallpaper adhesives you can find in the market today.

Mentioned glue will do the finest work in putting wallpapers. You don’t need to worry about the wallpaper falling apart because this wallpaper glue is highly durable and has very supreme sticking qualities that are also why you can trust this product for your home decorations and professional use.

This glue is specially designed for the professions as it has results that will totally please you and you will use it again and again for your projects, it also has a medium to full coverage which can make you apply the glue seamlessly so there are no bumps and uneven surfaces.

It is highly durable and is very much tacky that is why it can handle heavy wallpapers which is a plus point if you are a decorating enthusiast and in this way, you can make your project look flawless with heavy detailing without the fear of it ripping or falling. This adhesive can be trusted as it has a long-lasting strength and it can hold wallpapers for many years while making it look professional.

Roman Glue is the most bought product on our list and it has almost all good reviews, it is one of the most liked glue as it is extremely tacky and keeps the wallpaper to the wall for a very long time which is one of its most reliable quality.

  • Highly durable
  • Easy application
  • Used by professionals
  • Smooth finish
  • Can result in peeling if used on wood

Types of wallpaper adhesives:

You can find many types of wallpaper adhesives in any DIY shops, some of them are available in the liquid form they are also known as ready to use wallpaper glue and you can find some in the powdered form you just have to mix it with a liquid solution to get the work started.  There are different types of adhesives for different types of surfaces it is very important to pick the correct one for the correct surface otherwise, you will end up with unpleasant results.

  • Coldwater Paste:

This paste comes in a powdered form then you have to mix it with cold water, the amount of cold water depends on the length of the wallpaper.  The paste is a starch-based product and you can remove the spills with simple water.

The most important part is to get the consistency of the paste correctly so it can hold wallpaper to the wall. If the solution is too thin you may have to add the powder more so you can get it to the right quality.

  • All-Purpose Paste

This wallpaper glue is basically made for all most any type of wallpaper that you can find in the market it works perfectly when used on vinyl, heavily detailed wallpapers and simple wallpapers.

  • Heavy Duty:

Heavy-duty wallpaper adhesive has a very tack consistency and it works perfectly if used for the wallpapers that are heavy and have detailed heavy designs on it as it has a very stronghold.

  • Ready Mixed:   

This kind of wallpaper paste is made in a liquid form so you don’t have to hassle about preparing yours by adding water. These sorts of adhesives can dry if left exposed to the air. Ready mixes area little more expensive than Coldwater pastes.


It is essential to choose the top adhesive so it can bring out the elegance of the wallpaper, also you don’t want to waste your money and hard work for a product that doesn’t outstretch to your expectations. Therefore, we have made a list for the most reliable wallpaper adhesives out there so you can make the right choice for yourself and your house. We hope after you have read the given choices, you will choose what’s best for you.

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